About our company

The Miller Group of Companies consists of over 30 active real estate companies founded in 1951 by Irving E. Miller.

Over the past quarter century The Miller Group has developed and sold over 250,000 acres of commercial and residential property in South and Northern Florida, built over 25 hotels, motels, apartment buildings, and has constructed over 3 million square feet of commercial property.

Investment Fund


Modern portfolio theory stresses the importance of diversification through various asset classes for achieving higher returns with less overall volatility. The diversity of The Miller Group portfolio is represented by various direct and indirect investments in asset classes removed from direct real estate ownership and construction.

Properties for Sale/Lease


The Miller Group owns a diverse array of income producing properties. The diversity and stability of the income generated from The Miller Group’s income producing assets continues to be an important contributing factor to their continued financial success.

Current Projects


The development of commercial properties throughout the state of Florida has been an integral part of The Miller Group`s success. The Miller Group continues to seek out strategic development opportunities. The commercial developments built by The Miller Group are either sold upon completion or held in the company portfolio as income producing assets.